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LEARND is a community driven educationnal platform running on Internet Computer.
We want to provide a new kind of learning and incentives using crypto assets, community vote using SNS, reward learners AND teachers.
Being paid for learning is the main point of the concept. But you can see what LEARND can do for Education and reinvented our visions of it.

LEARND is a long term project. We believe that time, work, patience and community are the main forces
to complete our journey to change Education forever using blockchain technology and environment.

This is not just a roadmap, it's the whole LEARND concept.
So, take your time, put this website in your favorite and come back anytime!

Thank you


Learn anything

The learner will be able to take courses, complete modules,...

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Teach anything

The teacher will be able to give his lessons for...

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How to become a LEARND teacher

Anyone will be able to create their own course,...

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Community Driven

The community will have a central role

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Academic partnerships

The first way to create partnerships

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Company partnership

LEARND will be able to transform itself

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Economy & Rewards

ICP Rewards

Reward learners and teachers

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NFT Certificate/ NFT-LEARND Certificate

NFT's Option

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LEARND Sponsorship

In the future, education sponsors

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Hi My name is (what?) My name is (who?) My name is...

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Thoughts & Hopes

LEARND wants to bring the real into the virtual and provide help to people who, through learning and the transmission of knowledge, will be able to see their real lives evolve in the right direction.
If you enjoyed all of this, you can support LEARND by talking to people around you and participating in its development.
LEARND is urgently looking for a developer.
This project is a long-term project.
Between 5 and 10 years. We believe that education is an inalienable right for every human being here on earth and we will strive to bring this right to all. No matter how long it takes.


End 2021

LEARND Alpha release

Q2 2022

First two real courses and token reward

First Partnership

Q3 2022

First complete NFT Certificate

Neuron Creation

Donation open

Q1 2023

Community Content Creator available

They talk about us (or not)

"It's an Octopus !! "
Andra from Distrikt
"Yeah ! Great project. But will it be in a Metaverse??"
Sebastien Thuillier from Motoko School
"NFT Certificate? Hmm, interesting..."
Bob Bodilly from ToniqLabs
"LEARND? Never heard of it"
Dominic Williams from Dfinity

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